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HP-743 The Trap VII (Part 2) - Destruction




TITLE: The Trap VII Part 2 (Destruction) Complete Video COST: $33 ~ 33 MINUTES




Description of HP-743:

Picking up soon after the end of the Trap VII – Part 1, Darrius and Duncan come back to the ring after enjoying a relaxing dinner.  They have decided to continue beating up their boss, Hollywood - only much more severely this time so that she will spend more time in the hospital recovering and they will get an extended vacation.  They enter the ring bringing in a club, a baseball bat and some rope, but they are surprised to find Hollywood hanging upside down and unconscious in the corner with thank you notes attached to her broken body by another group of people who apparently worked her over while the guys were away.  Wasting no time, they begin punching, stomping and kicking her as she hangs helpless.  They pull her out of the corner into the middle of the ring, stretch her out, and in one of the most brutal segments ever filmed, they completely annihilate Hollywood’s abs, sides, rib cage and back with an unbelievable number of punches and blows with the bat and club.  They then toss her into a corner and play ping pong with her chin and their fists before moving on to violently stabbing her in the gut with the tips of their weapons.  They wreck destruction on Hollywood’s crotch and then pound her feet and twist her ankles to the breaking point so that she won’t be able to make them go on despised company runs for some time.  They heap more punishment on her abs and shattered ribs in various position, cracking jokes the entire time while trying out new damaging moves, before leaving Hollywood tied to the ropes while they go to take further refreshment.  When they return, they find that in their absence someone else has once again worked over their rag doll and has left them a note of appreciation.  They get in a few more parting shots of their own and finally carry Hollywood off to get the medical attention she needed several beatings ago.

This is the most hard core of any of the Trap series, and it even makes Part 1 seem like a day at the spa for poor Hollywood.  She is subjected to another massive beating focusing primarily on her abs, ribs, back and jaw from two men out to cause her serious harm, and she is completely helpless to do anything but look fantastic while taking it.  The only question that remains is whether she will finally be transported to the hospital, or is there even more in store for the badly injured Golden Avenger. (NOTE:  the sound for this video is lower than usual, but the action and dialogue are still audible by turning up the volume of your speakers!



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