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HP-692 Kristiana vs Hollywood





TITLE: Kristiana vs Hollywood Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-692:

The match starts off with Kristiana dressed in a Black Bikini w/ pink converse wrestling boots. Stretching in the ring. Next is Hollywood dressed as Liberty Belle –W/red boots and gun belt doing the same thing. Liberty Belle is ordered to bring the criminal Kristiana in but the only way Kristiana agrees to come in peacefully is if Liberty Belle beats her in a wrestling match. She agrees to a Best of 5 rounds, KO’s only. Hollywood takes off her gun belt. Kristiana requests Hollywood remove her boots. Kristana says “I don’t know what you may be hiding in them". Hollywood starts out strong and dominates Kristiana easily with holds such as over the knee back breakers, full nelsons, surf boards,  foot in back. Hollywood dominates round two. She feels Kristiana is done. Holly gets her phone, says she is coming in and gets a rope to tie Kristiana up. Kristiana wakes up and rolls off the ring, grabbing Hollywood’s gun as she goes. When Hollywood starts to slide out of the ring,  Kristiana clobbers Hollywood with the gun! before she can straighten up. Kristiana throws the stunned Hollywood back in the ring. After a tough go, Kristiana KO’s Hollywood. Hollywood revives quickly and stumbles to her corner vowing that Kristiana cheated! Get this hot video to see which lady prevails!


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