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Description of Hollywood & Kristiana vs Steve:

Steve uses no discretion at all when he ignores Hollywood's little sister, even though she is astoundingly hot! When Hollywood confronts Steve, he is surprised to find out they are sisters, and tells Hollywood that he thought it was her daughter. Not a good move. Hollywood provides Steve with a warm welcome to the mat and begins a technical display of wrestling the likes he may never see again. If he survives!
Thus begins a one-sided beatdown as Hollywood and Kristiana take turns showing Steve what they are made of. When they're not going at it one at a time, they show sisterly love and beat him to a pulp in a joint effort.
Steve spends a fair share of time trying to get a breath of fresh air as the tantalizing twins smother him for their own entertainment. The girls also allow Steve to worship their feet, but forcefully shoving them in his face. Unable to mount a counteroffensive, Steve is reduced to a pathetic mess, much to the pleasure of these two vixens. If you enjoy gorgeous girls with hard bodies dominating an unsuspecting male, then this video is for you!!!



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