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HP-414 Sunny (GLOW) vs Hollywood





Description of HP-414:

This 25 min Prostyle clip is a reunion match between two Glow Girls Hollywood and Sunny the California girl. Sunny hasn't been in the ring for many years and Hollywood is going to show her how it's done .Sunny starts with one of her knock knock jokes.. Thank goodness the Bell rings... They start with a test of strength, Hollywood kicks and throws Sunny in a headlock, followed by an armdrag, Sunny gets out of the hold , a Clothesline gets sunny down followed by arm bars, scissor combos. a figure 4, a DDT and head smashes etc..Hollywood will take the first Fall. Second fall Sunny starts Strong but Hollywood has some tricks up her sleeves, Hair pulling for starters, she puts Sunny in a camel clutch then Goes for a Lotus hold and lots of slaps to the stomach... But Sunny turns it around with elbow smashes, scissors and arm bars, then Applies Her signature Surfboard hold!Sunny takes the second fall. The next 10 minutes goes back and forth with Hollywood' Taking the lead And alas the Third Fall! Get this video and watch these two veterans battle it out once and for all!!

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