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Description of Hollywood vs Eve :

It took awhile but Hollywould Productions brings you another first. Wrestling goddess Eve appears in her first video for Hollywould Productions. These two auburned haired beauties suit up to show you the fans why they are both considered among the top in the business. This MONUMENTAL video starring Hollywood and Eve shows what happens when you have two very very skilled grapplers and turn them loose in a catfight.

The quality of the combat is the first thing that will hit you about this video. Each of these two can give it out as well as take it. As you know it is rare to find a video that both girls have the skill to give and take the beating.While most videos do a few things well this video does it all well. If your looking for punching, there are whole segments which will have you rewinding the tape to watch over and over again. The smack of Eve's fist off of Hollywood's midsection has to be heard to be believed.

But of course you know that Hollywood is not going to be completely at the mercy of Eve's fist, so there is a good bit of retaliation. If you're a fan of chokes and holds which knock a girl out this video has several segments which will definitely keep your attention. A figure four hold around one girl's neck leads to a scissor hold which ultimately leads to an early bedtime. In another instance a sleeper hold helps another girl to dreamland.

Another element which this video has in spades is begging and pleading. Both of these women are skilled and whining and crying while being beaten and abused. If you like screams of pain and shrieks of agony this video will be heaven for you. Eve just does herself proud with all of the screams of pain.

Add in a little restrain and a lot of torment for the helpless victim and what you have is a video that you definitely need to see for yourself.


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