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HP-051 VooDoo Dolls




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TITLE: VooDoo Dolls Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: VooDoo Dolls Part 3 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: VooDoo Dolls Complete COST: 45 TOKENS

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Description of HP-051:

When the sunbathing outing of two buxom beauties (Stacy and Tanya) is rudely interrupted, they take it upon themselves to callously chastise the blatant intruder. But, little do they realize they’ve not only spurned the lustful advances of Poppa Cleo, a potent and powerful ‘Houngan’ (Voodoo Priest), they’ve also earned his ire (and wrath) when he conjures up hoodoo in the form of two, accursed talisman cast in the spiteful siren’s likeness! Now mere pawns in his diabolical game, the lovely ladies are forced to do his salacious bidding! Unable to resist the shaman’s undeniable influence, the women are compelled to act upon his wanton desires as a wave of sudden, uncontrollable, primal urges wash over them. Soon, these feral femmes lock their luscious, taut (and topless) bodies in a tumultuous tussle, savagely sparring and spearing verbal barbs at one another. Clawing, raking, biting, pinching, punching, kicking, squeezing, smothering — these vicious vixens spare no expense at ravaging each others ample, supple breasts, legs, torsos, and thighs, battling, tooth-and-nail, in a rip-roaring catfight for the ages! All the while, Poppa Cleo gloats in the shadows, savoring the sweet delights his wicked deeds have wrought!



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