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Description of Police Raffle:

Hollywood is a Police Officer that has been chosen to deliver the winnings, (dressed in a very short skirt and little top)
from a police raffle in cash to a Peter, a seemingly easy assignment,
however when she shows up at the address Peter gave when he bought the
ticket, he is not home but his devious roommate (played by the lovely
Francesca Le wearing tight black leggings and a string bikini top looking very hot) Franchesca invites Hollywood into
the house to wait for Peter to return, even offering her a cold drink. Fran
adds a little surprise to the water and the trusting Police Officer takes a
swallow and immediately starts to feel the effect of the drug. She
recognizes this and reaches for her gun but before she can aim it at Fran,
Fran knocks it out of her hand, then punches her in the stomach and then in
the head knocking her out on her back on the sofa. Fran then removes the
two pouches with the money on the outside of Holly's belt  and leaves the
room. Holly wakes up, grabs her gun and starts to search for Fran. When she
reaches the dining room, Fran clobbers her over the back of the head,
knocking her out. Fran turns Holly over on her back on a chair and slugs
her a few more times to make sure she is out. Once again, the police
 finds her self on her back stretched out over a chair, looking
super hot. Holly slowly wakes up and again begins to search for the money
Fran took. Retracing her steps she reenters the front room where Fran is
waiting. Fran grabs her and reigns body punches up and down Holly's hot
body eventually knocking her out on her back on the sofa. This time Fran
decides to search the Police Officer's body for more money. She runs her
hands over her tiny skirt and her halter top, She finds two more pouches
but no more money. Hollywood wakes up and grabs the surprised Fran's hand
but all she is doing is inviting Fran to beat her down some more, throwing
her around the room , using leg scissors and choke holds on her. Hollywood
is pretty much defenseless, she does get a few holds and punches in, but a
sleeper hold followed by a knee to the crotch knocks Hollywood out on the
floor. This time she wakes up just in time to see Peter attempt to exit
through the front door. You never actually see Peter in this video. When
the woozy Police Officer orders him to stop. Fran sneaks up behind her and
stabs her with a syringe, ending Hollywood's day. Holly goes limp and Fran
lays her on her back on the coffee table. The phone rings and it is the
Police Station looking for the missing officer. Of Course Fran denies ever
seeing Holly. After hanging up Fran picks up Holly and carries her out of
the room cussing the troublesome Police Officer the whole way.This is a
great video because of the interaction between Hollywood and Franchesca,
both verbally as well as physically. Hollywood looks super sexy in the blue
police officer's uniform consisting of a halter top and tiny blue skirt
outlined in gold trim which does little to cover her magnificent rear end.

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WW is on the phone with the commissioner talking about a new villainous named "Sweet Dreams" who is causing problems in the city.  She's been using her special knockout formula to capture and control various heroines in the city, and it seems WW is next on her list...

WW enters her house.  Laying on the couch, she relaxes, and doesn't see the villainous sneaking nearby.  The villainous uses a tainted cloth to clamp down on WW, who struggles, but is soon KO’d.  The villainous gloats about the power she has over the sleeping WW, as she removes WW's boots and accessories, and plays with them.

WW begins to wake up and attacks the evil doer, as they wrestle around on the ground, before the villainous is able to get WW into a trap hold and use the magic cloth once more on WW.  WW struggles but is soon Ko’d, prompting the villainous to more massaging and verbal taunting!!!

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