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HP-029 The Beat Goes On




TITLE: The Beat Goes On Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES





Description of HP-029:

Tori shows up while Francesca is doing her morning stretches. She's been looking for Francesca to confront her about her fighting abilities, as she's sick of hearing about how good she's gotten. Francesca laughs at this, and quickly lets Tori know that's all she's heard is true, and that she's better than her too. Tori decides to put her abilities to the test and a challenge is laid down. They both discuss it and come up with a match where they take turns on each other, giving three shots to the other, and then the other gets her three. They do this using any hold, punch, or kick, and it goes till one can no longer continue. The battle lines are now drawn, and it is fight on from here. And what a fight it is! They start off with face punching, then gut punching, stomach kicks, stomach stomps, crotch mauling with punches and stomps, boob punching, and all done three at a time by each beauty!!!


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