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hhhhHP-583 Capturing Francesca



TITLE: Capturing Francesca Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-583:

Hollywood is dressed in a leopard print top and short black skirt sitting down calling her best friend Francesca asking her to come over and go swimming. Hollywood is getting ready to capture Francesca. She hides some rope under the sofa. Fran knocks on the door and enters Hollywood's place saying she is ready for the pool! Hollywood sneaks up behind her and HOM's Fran. Francesca struggles then passes out. Hollywood's plans are to keep her there for a long time and kidnap the gorgeous Francesca. Hollywood keeps her hand over Francesca's mouth during much of this video. Hollywood wants the money that Francesca has owed her for very long time. While her best friend is out of it Hollywood finds a wad of cash in her best friends bathing suit and decides to keep it. She applies another HOM to Francesca and then decides to tie up her hands. Francesca is not going anywhere fast. Hollywood leaves the KO'd hottie with no cash and no sunglasses.



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