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HP-257 Guarding The Crystal Cross Part 1



TITLE: Guarding The Crystal Cross Part 1 Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-257:

Hollywood, Francesca, Yvonne and Coral have been hired to guard the valuable “Crystal Cross” while its display case is being replaced. Because of her police training, Hollywood is placed in charge wearing a sexy police outfit (short blue skirt and bikini top). Francesca is dressed in tiny black shorts and a bikini top while Yvonne and Coral have on blue jeans with their bikini tops. Yvonne and Coral are gun slingers while Hollywood and Francesca are knife experts. The problem is Hollywood is trying to steal the “Cross”. So are Yvonne and Coral (working together). At first Hollywood’s plan works well. She sends Yvonne and Coral out to inspect the grounds and then drugs Francesca. When Yvonne and Coral return, she KO’s Coral but Yvonne gets away. When Hollywood looks for Yvonne, Yvonne gets the jump on her and an old fashioned fist fight breaks out. Yvonne manages to spoil Hollywood’s scheme by KOing her with a right cross to the jaw. After taking care of Hollywood, Yvonne wakes Coral up and together they search Hollywood for the “Crystal Cross”. After finding it, they head out the back door. Next, Francesca arises and reluctantly wakes Hollywood up. After a quick search of the house fails to find the missing “Cross”, Hollywood races out the back door. Unfortunately, she runs directly into the two cowgirls who proceed to beat her up with a little two on one action. After a lot of body punches to Hollywood’s terrific abs, Francesca steps in and knocks Coral out which allows Hollywood to finish off a stunned Yvonne. Hollywood and Francesca search the unconscious girls and find the “Crystal Cross”. But Francesca decides she’ll take the Cross, KO’s Hollywood and heads inside to call the cops. Hollywood wakes up and follows her inside. All she finds is the bag where the “Cross” had been. At that moment, Coral sneaks up behind her. After a knockdown, drag out fight, Hollywood KO’s Coral. Part I ends with a very tired Hollywood gloating over an unconscious Coral. How will this end? You can’t lose with four gorgeous girls in sexy outfits fighting over the “Crystal Cross”.  stay tuned for Part 2!


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