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TITLE: Agony & Ecstasy Part 1 COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES

TITLE: Agony & Ecstasy Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Agony & Ecstasy Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Agony & Ecstasy Complete Video COST: $31 ~ 31 MINUTES

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Description of HP-034:

Hollywood enters and not only is she the MC for the match, she also owns the company. Hollywood is also dressed in the dental floss bottoms, but does have on a bow tie and something tiny covering her ta-tas...oh and high heels too!

After Hollywood announces the combatants and the referee for the match, the bell sounds, and the action begins. However, the action is not up to Hollywood's high standards for her company, and she steps in to stop things, and set the girls straight. Well that being done, off we go again, as Tanya and Stacy go back at it, and Hurricane Havana keeping an eye on the action.

Hollywood still isn't impressed, and once again stops things, and now really lays into all 3 girls verbally for their lack luster match. The 3 have grown tired of her mouth, and begin to mouth off back to her...not wise! She starts the action once again, but it's short lived, as Tanya and Stacy are just getting worse.

Hollywood now storms into the ring, and let's all 3 know how substandard of a job they are doing, and how irritated she is about it. She then let's them know they wont be paid! This doesn't sit well with the 3, but Hollywood doesn't care, she's still made, and now kicks off her shoes and decides to show these 3 how a catfight is done herself.

Not a wise move on Hollywood's part, she's already made these 3 mad, so now they all gang up on Hollywood. Hollywood comes out strong, but with the odds against her, it isn't long till the 3 beauties began beating her down, and having their way with her.  

These 3 blondes really take it to Hollywood, and give her a beating she wont ever forget. They even strap her hands to the bottom rope, leaving her completely at their mercy. Punches, scratching, biting, low blows...you name it, these 3 do it to Hollywood. They even strip her naked and continue to punish her, while she's restrained. AND, they do one thing Hollywood hates and right over her, Tanya and Stacy make out over Hollywood, and there's nothing she can do about it at all!



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