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TITLE: Anything for the Money Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for the Money Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for the Money Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for the Money Complete COST: $29 ~ 29 MINUTES




Description of HP-929:

This video continues to chronicle the extremely brutal day Hollywood is enduring after her former employees have offered her up to the world as a victim-for-hire in order to raise money for charity. This one opens with Ariel X pounding the soles of a devastated and unconscious Hollywood, who has just finished receiving another brutal gang beating - this one by the wives and girlfriends of a group of Los Angeles Rams players. The women were wrecking some vengeance on the beautiful victim who unintentionally enticed their men to buy not one, but two sessions of destroying her. Astoundingly, Ariel thinks Holly’s feet have not taken enough punishment, so she and Jennifer Thomas are rectifying that situation when Darrius and Duncan return with the information that Holly’s suffering has nearly raised $200,000! With only $6,000 to go to that milestone, the guys auctioned off some final rounds for internet buyers to design some especially brutal short beatings, with the most extreme one winning a free hour with Holly when and if she recovers. The four of them beat a helpless Holly with clubs, kicks, knees and fists while she is stretched, folded and dangled in several dangerous ways. In one round, the gals dish out an absurd amount of abuse to her back and kidneys while she is trapped on the ropes. In another, Holly is put into a couple of different kinds of back-breaker holds while the team mauls her vulnerable abs. One common thread runs throughout the different types of abuse - Holly’s adorable chin is a consistent target. Duncan has harbored a grudge against that feature of Holly’s pretty face since he worked for her, so he encouraged all of the competitors to make destroying it a priority in their beatdown instructions. Holly’s chin is punched, clubbed, drilled, clawed and tasered, and in the end, the bidder who designed the most brutal treatment of her chin is named the winner of the contest. Although the sponsored rounds are done, Jen and Ariel lament how their ability to beat on Holly whenever they want is coming to an end. They go out with a bang by giving Holly a few parting shots, including a vicious attack to her crotch, before they head out. Darrius and Duncan remain, and they decide that Holly deserves a few more shots from them as a “thank you” for earning them so much money (since they have decided that the two of them will actually be Holly’s charity). As they stretch and maul her, Darrius also decides that her feet seem to be a little under-destroyed. They tie her ankles together and begin hammering her soles and mangling her toes, when the lucky contest winner contacts Darrius. He is nearby and will pay extra to take his time now. As the camera fades out with another shot of Holly’s feet being mauled, it is clear that she has at least one more beatdown to endure. This edition of the series has the great 4-on-1 action that you have come to expect. Hollywood is gagged, often bound and little more than a ragdoll who is once again put through the ringer by a team that seems to genuinely enjoy inflicting as much damage as possible. There are a lot of slow pans of Holly’s amazing destroyed body, and foot lovers will enjoy the closeups of her soles taking multiple poundings.




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