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TITLE: Detective Hollywood vs The Grizzly Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood vs The Grizzly Part 2 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood vs The Grizzly Part 3 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Hollywood vs The Grizzly Complete Video COST: $21 ~ 21 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1064:

Detective Hollywood has arrived at a warehouse and she is hot on the trail of a criminal ring that has been stealing animals from the Zoo and then using them to carry out their devious crimes! She cautiously enters the building and begins to thoroughly search it (and we get to see her gorgeous strut!!!). After finding no evidence of foul play, Detective Hollywood calls in and decides to head back to the station, but she is accosted by the Villain and is sent to La La Land!

Detective Hollywood awakens to find herself restrained and struggles to break free with no success. The Villain returns and Detective Hollywood demands to be set free as she threatens him with jail time. However, the Villain has different plans for our sexy crimefighter. In comes the Villain's "friend", a powerful grizzly bear stolen form the Zoo! The Grizzly begins to pummel poor Detective Hollywood with no mercy! He chokes her viciously, slams his huge paws into her belly, and crushes her with...yep, a BEAR hug!!! He stomps her, twists her in unimaginable positions, and nearly pulls her arms out of their sockets! Detective Hollywood attempts a counteroffensive and delivers a blow to the Grizzly's midsection and it has zero effect!

The demented Villain has obviously taught the Grizzly wrestling techniques as he slams Detective Hollywood into a backbreaker and pummels and claws her belly. More vicious stretching holds are applied, along with chokes and strikes. Detective Hollywood is helpless and finally falls limply onto the ground. The Villain enters and is proud of his deviant pet and rewards him with treats. Then, the Villain picks up Detective Hollywood's battered remains and carries her off. But what could be next for our sexy crimefighter???



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