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TITLE: Anything For The Masterpiece Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything For The Masterpiece Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

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Description of HP-1013:

Picking up a short while after Anything for the Client (HP-953) ended, we fade in Hollywood’s suffering face as her crotch is ground into the corner pole by Jennifer Thomas and Duncan.  The two have turned their attention to destroying Holly’s feet when they are finally joined by the mysterious A.S, who turns out to be Dr. Slade - who last appeared delivering the experimental healing serum in Anything for Science (HP-905), a prior episode in Holly’s day of destruction.  Slade has come to collect his prize of getting his own opportunity to destroy a completely beaten Holly for two more hours. After joining the other two for a little of the foot torture, he dispatches them to get dinner so that he can spend some time working over Holly alone.  The three of them will reunite afterwards to dish out Holly’s ultimate finale - what he hopes will be his masterpiece of destruction. 

Flash ahead 90 minutes of Slade’s solo ass-kicking, and Slade has Holly tied to the ropes while he administers a vicious clubbing to her back, kidneys and sides.  Jen and Duncan return and assist him in beating her in this position - adding in some face-punching and crotch destruction for good measure.  When they tire of that, they spread Holly out on the canvas where they spend time simultaneously punishing her face, abs and feet.  The team gleefully doles out heaping helpings of pain as they move around Holly’s body and punish her with tasers and chokes as well as the usual punches, kicks and clubs.  They come to realize that the serum that has been enabling Holly to recover enough to continue to endure the series of massive beatings is finally wearing off.  Eager to maximize the time they have left, they indulge themselves in some corner work and then some triple team torture with Holly dangling in a tree of woe, pretzled in a Boston crab and finally stretched out dangerously in an over-the-knee backbreaker.  Still concerned that he has not created his masterpiece, Slade decides that should each do a rotisserie beating of Holly’s abs, sides and back while she is stretched by the other two.  Holly absorbs this final pummeling and passes out for the last time.  Her attackers examine her broken body, and Slade satisfies himself that this is his masterpiece of destruction. They leave our beaten heroine alone in the ring to await the paramedics and a long hospital stay.

This is a satisfying end to the 7-video series that started with Anything for Charity (HP-848) and documents more than a full day of non-stop extreme punishment visited on Holly by teams of people. Her attackers once again ignore all reasonable limits of human endurance as they clearly relish demolishing the beautiful body of their exhausted victim. The bad news for Holly is that, while this long day of torture has now ended, too many people enjoyed the taste that they got.  So while Holly’s injuries heal, there are those who are already planning for her repeat performance...



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