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HP-376 The New Head Chief

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Description of The New Head Chief:

Sybil is perusing a magazine when Hollywood shows up to find her peer in a particularly good mood. Sybil proceeds to explain to Hollywood that she has been given the promotion that they were both eligible for and consequently, she is now Hollywood's supervisor.
Hollywood is not too happy, and is even less impressed when Sybil explains that Hollywood will now be responsible for getting her coffee, cleaning her desk, and then cleaning her shoes!!!
When Hollywood simply refuses, Sybil takes her down, makes her concede, then tells her to start cleaning. Hollywood bucks the system and decides the two vixens should just throw down, and it's ON!!! Sybil soon finds herself victim to an onslaught of punches and kicks, followed by various technical wrestling holds which include a vicious body scissors/arm bar combination. Hollywood gets nasty as she stomps, squeezes, and slams poor Sybil with no mercy.
Sybil's begging fills the room, but is drowned out by Hollywood's insane laughter as she has a field day punishing her new "supervisor". Sybil is battered about and begs forgiveness to no avail, and bad girl Hollywood puts it too her as the poor girl is beat down with a fast paced maniacal agenda. Although Sybil makes a few vain attempts to fight back, she is met with an increased vigor in Hollywood's counter attacks.
Hollywood shows no quarter as she mixes painful holds brutal face punching and stomping. With her mouth bloodied, poor Sybil is reduced to a mere whipping post for Hollywood's delusions. Sybil eventually finds herself serving her "supervisee" as Hollywood pulls out all the stops, makes Sybil call her employer and relinquish the job, and proves herself the superior woman!!!



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