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HP-437 Hollywood vs Darrius

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Description of Hollywood vs Darrius:

Hollywood knocked Darrius out in their previous boxing match. It was a
short match available at Hit The Mat (their HTM-100). Darrius has requested
a rematch. This video starts out with some verbal sparing as Hollywood is
confident she can knock Darrius out again. Darrius claims Hollywood was
lucky to win their first meeting. For this match Hollywood has chosen to
wear a black bikini top decorated with Iron Crosses, sexy black shorts, and
black wrestling boots. She is super confident of victory and wants to look
extra tough as well as extremely hot. I believe she definitely accomplished
both goals. Round one begins with this verbal exchange as both boxers
slowly circle each other. feeling each other out with some quick jabs and
body punches. The round is pretty even with each boxer giving and taking
some punishment. Round two starts out pretty even with jabs and punches.
However at the end of the round, Hollywood strikes first with a right hook
that sends Darrius to the mat. The round ends with Darrius crawling back to
his corner as Hollywood continues to taunt him. Darrius looks a little
worried while Hollywood is brimming over with confidence, maybe too much as
she is sure the match is almost over. Round three starts with Hollywood
eagerly jumping up as Darrius cautiously leaves his corner. Hollywood
proceeds to pummel Darrius with punches but can not knock him down. He is
continually staggered but stays on his feet. Hollywood is sure she is just
one punch away from a knockout as the round ends. The fourth round starts
with a confident Hollywood jumping to her feet and a cautious Darrius
slowly approaching his opponent. Both boxers rain jabs and body punches but
neither can gain an advantage until the end of the round when Darrius takes
a wild swing at Hollywood missing completely. Hollywood easily ducks a
second swing taunting Darrius, "You can't even hit me." But the words are
barely out of her mouth when Darrius connects solidly sending the gorgeous
Hollywood to the mat. This doesn't shake Hollywood up in the least as she
continues, "That was a lucky punch. That will not happen again." She slowly
gets up. She staggers around a bit. Darrius lands several more punches
sending Hollywood to her knees as the round ends. Hollywood staggers back
to her corner, her confidence visibly shaken as she stares at Darrius. In
the fifth round both boxers are knocked to the mat three times but quickly
get up as the match is pretty even at this point. After a tough fifth
round, the sixth round starts out slowly. Hollywood is losing her
confidence as Darrius is gaining his. Darrius lands way more punches than
Hollywood, as she is knocked down and has trouble getting up. Darrius
kindly helps her up but then quickly knocks her back down. The round ends
with Hollywood really struggling to get to her corner, rubbing her jaw and
staring out at Darrius. The seventh round starts with Hollywood holding her
gloves high. Darrius takes advantage by pummeling Hollywood's sexy abs.
When Hollywood drops her gloves trying to protect her stomach, Darrius hits
her high sending her to the mat. By now Hollywood is dazed and confused.
Darrius again has to help her up. As Hollywood swings wildly, Darrius is
systematically raining jabs and hooks on Hollywood's magnificent body and
beautiful face. The round ends with Hollywood on the mat. Darrius has to
help her back to her corner. Hollywood slumps in her corner, her
magnificent breasts rising and falling with each of her deep breathes. Will
she continue the fight or throw in the towel? She appears to be beaten,
still looking super hot. Hollywood looks great throwing punches early in
the match and even better taking punches in the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds.
Nobody sells a beating like Hollywood, her head snaps back, arms dropping
to her side, then finally dropping to the mat.   This match must be seen to
be believed!!!

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