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HP-218 Hollywood vs Tanya


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Description of Hollywood vs Tanya :

Welcome to another night of fantastic female fury, courtesy of Hollywood Productions. This one is filmed under the lights, and it's gonna be "lights out" for one of our battling beauties. The night's delights start with the curvaceous Tanya waiting rather impatiently in the ring for her opponent, the fabulous Webkitten herself, Hollywood. Tanya makes the most of the situation, calling for the cameraman to get some close-up shots of her sculpted body for her fans.

This impromptu photo session does not sit well with Hollywood. The buxom brunette quickly takes center stage, drawing the cameraman's attention to a "real athletic body." Tanya's reaction is quite predictable. The two women exchange words and the match is on. The claws come out, and it's alley cat time in the ring. Tanya starts fast, choking Hollywood across the ropes, then flipping the brunette to the mat with a "hair mare."

But Tanya's attack is short lived. Hollywood quickly turns the tables on her blonde opponent, driving Tanya into the ropes and pounding the busty blonde with elbows and fists. Hollywood follows with a devastating suplex, setting up Tanya for even more punishment, Hollywood style. Finally, a figure-four leglock forces a screaming submission from the busty blonde and Hollywood is up one submission to none.

Four more rounds of brawling, wrestling, and tooth and nail (literally!) catfighting follow. Hollywood takes an early 2-0 lead and it looks like shower time is at hand for both wrestlers. But Tanya rallies, using every part of her incredible body to battle back and even the match at 2-2. Round 5 begins with Tanya stalking and taunting a limping Hollywood.

The old saying is true. "The opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." And there isn't an ounce of fat to be seen in this ring! Two battered beauties take it to the limit before a decisive winner emerges. But even then, the opera isn't finished. In this new millenium, another adage takes shape: "Never turn your back on Tanya " The truth of that statement  is brought home to Hollywood the hard way.

If you want to see two of the hottest, sexiest women in all of wrestling face off, this is the video! It's 5 rounds of tough, hard-hitting action from start to finish. By the way, did I mention biting, scratching, punching, and smothering? Yeah, it's all there, right down to the last(?) knockout. Nobody does it like Hollywood! And with the awesome Tanya as her opponent, your eyes in for a workout.



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