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HP-015 Roommate Rumble


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Description of Roommate Rumble:

Hollywood is greeted by her roommate, Shannan, upon returning from sunning in the backyard. Hollywood soon finds out that her roomie has been getting acquainted with her credit card with a $5,000.00 purchase that she has no intentions of paying back. Hollywood decides to settle this discrepancy over money the best way she knows how... with her fists!

Both ladies, dressed in sexy bikinis, square off in the living room. Both their tops are quickly removed during the course of this wild fist fight! One combatant quickly takes advantage of her foe, and proceeds to land heavy blows to her exposed chin and sensual stomach.

The action pours all over the living room as each girl straightens their opponent against the wall for some sledgehammer blows to the midsection and then proceed to launch forearm smashes into the chest! Even the source of Hollywood's woe, a life-sized Egyptian casket, is used to smash one girl's head up against it repeatedly throughout this brawl.

This release is a must for all you gut punching fans! It is also our great pleasure to bring Shannan into our stable of fine lady wrestlers. She has spent the last few years tearing it up in our competitors rings and videos, so we thought it was about time she squared up against our toughest fighter!


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