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hhhhHP-549 Darrius vs Hollywood "KO Rematch"



TITLE: Darrius vs Hollywood "KO Rematch" Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-549:

This video clip finds our favorite girl looking sexy as ever in a white bikini with blue stripes (looking like a sailor), brimming with confidence despite losing a similar match to Darrius earlier. After stretching they meet in the center of the ring. Hollywood admits to being a little over confident the last time and promises that will not happen again. This time she puts a ten minute time limit on the match, meaning the person with the most knock outs in ten minutes wins. Again they start out with a test of strength and once again Hollywood kicks her opponent, knocking him to the mat. Hollywood is bound and determined to totally humiliate her male opponent. No way is she going to lose again. She uses her perfectly toned body to put poor Darrius through the ringer. After knocking him down she places her powerful legs around his neck using a head scissors for the first KO. Waking him up with a stomp to his stomach, she throws him in a corner and punches at his stomach finally flipping him to the mat.. She takes a camel clutch hold and turns it into a sleeper for KO No.2. This goes on for a full 7 minutes!! Hollywood uses her gorgeous powerful body as a mighty weapon leaving Darrius helpless. She appears unstoppable as she punches poor Darrius continuously, uses different body stretches, flips him around the ring, brings her knee up into his stomach and head, punches him in the jaw, and places him in several figure four leg scissors. This results in a total of 6 KOs for Hollywood. After waking him with another stomach stomp, Hollywood hits him so hard with a right cross, it knocks Darrius out of the ring. At this point, Hollywood turns to the camera and declares the match over with her leading 7 to 0. However, it was a bad mistake to look away from the devious Darrius. When she returns to make sure he is out, he has sneaked back into the ring pulling Hollywood to the mat. He proceeds to drag the surprised Hollywood to a corner and pulls her legs, slamming her into the corner post, causing her a lot of pain. But he isn't done. He reenters the ring with a night stick and clobbers her in her tight abs, finally striking her in the face with it knocking her out. Then he wakes her up and continues to beat her gorgeous body with the night stick until she is KO'd again. When she comes to this time she demands he get rid of the night stick. He readily agrees seeing the shape our favorite girl is in. Even though Hollywood still leads in KOs 7-2, can she recover from the night stick beatings and remain awake until the ten minutes is up? Or will Darrius end her day before the time runs out? Remember, she was destroying Darrius at the 7 minute mark!!! In this clip you get to see Hollywood at her best using all her wrestling skills to dominate a male opponent. Then take a beating looking hotter than anyone else can. But can she survive and win????



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