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HP-631 The Trap VI




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TITLE: The Trap VI Complete COST: 30 TOKENS 20 MINUTES

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Description of HP-631:

This is a continuation from "The Trap V" HP-354 where Stacy B has just delivered a monstrous beating to our favorite gal Hollywood....Hollywood is knocked out cold in the ring when a spectator from the crowd picks her up. Christine Dupree and Frankie Zappitelli walk in And ask him where he's going?  he says she needs medical treatment . the girls say leave her here we'll give here The treatment she deserves . Christine starts yelling at the very groggy badly beaten Hollywood and says "you dominated us all these years now it's our turn to return the favor."
Both girls pick Holly up and start ramming her head in the turnbuckle then turn her around for belly and face punches in the corner. they start stomping her belly. Frankie asks the audience what they want to see, So they start choking Hollywood on the ropes. They follow-up with A face punch. Christine hair mares her down to the mat. They ask the audience what else they want to see and they apply the Boston crab, a figure 4 and other 2 on 1 brutal holds.They stretch out Hollys poor beaten body. Hollywood is begging for them to stop! Frankie asks the audience if they want to see a camel clutch, they applaud! Both girls double-team the almost unconscious Holly back and forth with painful holds, punches to the chest, head, crotch and belly! If you are a fan of The Trap series or 2 on 1 beatdowns then this is for you!


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