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HP-528 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

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Description of HP-528 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness:

This 3 scene video starts out with the gorgeous Hollywood dressed in a crop top and panties lounging on the couch eating some chips. The voluptuous roommate played by Christina dressed the same comes in and starts cleaning house and asks the lazy Hollywood if she is enjoying herself... Holly starts throwing her chips on the floor on purpose so christina has to do more work, Christina asks Holly to please help out and do her part.... Holly replies that she is too busy. insults are thrown and a huge catfight ensues when Christina throws water in Holly's face. Chokes, punches, pro holds and hair pulling are seen. Hollywood finally gives and promises to clean the house.

Next scene Holly is seen filing her nails and was suppose to clean the house but did not. Christina walks in and wants to know why the house is still a mess. Holly asks Christina what they are having for dinner, Christina says she is too busy to cook. Christina cant find her dress, and asks where it is, Holly has stuffed it in a bin. They go back into it again start punching and mauling each other, this time tops are being ripped off. Hollywood puts Christina in a submission hold and makes her give promising to make dinner.

3rd scene hollywood is all dressed up and is waiting for Christina to serve her a delicious meal, when its served christina has given Holly a Smart Ones frozen mini hamburger. Holly is pissed off and demands a better meal. Holly is also wearing Christina's necklace which she has borrowed without asking. Holly says she just found it and thinks its crap anyway, she proceeds and throws water in Christina's face and the battle is back on, these 2 hot girls tear off each others dresses and go at it violently , more punches, morehair pulling, insults, chokes and stomps are given. Get this vid to see which gal is left standing or not...

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