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HP-646 Sweet Bullets



TITLE: Sweet Bullets Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES





Description of HP-646:

This is another in Hollywood's "Shoot'em up" series. In this one Hollywood enters the ground floor of an apartment looking for some cash. She has her gun drawn, barefoot in a black bikini w/silver handcuffs and gun belt, looking super hot as usual. She climbs the stairs (nobody looks sexier doing this simple act) and starts to search the apartment for cash. She finds it, sticks it in her gun belt and starts to leave. But, much to her surprise, she gets shot before she can get away. What follows is a running gun battle between Hollywood and her unseen pursuer. Hollywood hides first behind one sofa, then another, but every time she starts for the door, down she goes. She manages to fire over a dozen shots during the video but still gets hit herself at least seven times!!! In one scene she does a roll from the sofa on to the floor to make herself a smaller target as she heads for the door, but the unseen assailant still manages to get her. And of course, seeing that terrifically taunt body helplessly draped over any piece of furniture. is worth the price of the clip. This video has a really nifty ending that starts when Hollywood says, "I'm going to get you this time" as she fires her gun multiple times while making her way to the exit. Will she get away with the cash? Or will our gorgeous girl fail again? Either way, nobody looks hotter getting shot the way Hollywood does. 


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