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HP-721 The Sabotaged




TITLE: The Sabotaged Complete Video COST: $20 ~ 20 MINUTES




Description of HP-721:

When an enterprising headhunter (Hollywood) arrives for a scheduled interview with a potential hire, she quickly discovers that the industrious client has other more ambitious (and insidious!) intentions in climbing the corporate ladder! Bristling with contempt at having lost his previous employ by the corporate lackey's meddling, the ruthless 'masked' ruffian would like no better to express his utter disdain for her blatant betryal than serving up a serious beatdown to the bodacious businesswoman! Stripping her of her dignity, the baneful brute proceeds to mercilessly manhandle the fetching executive with a barbarous barrage of belly-punches, chokes, bearhugs, and backbreakers - leaving the forlorn femme wracked in anguish, tortured and broken beyond belief! Fans of Hollywood's toned, taut abs being brutalized rejoice - this is one video you dare not miss!


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