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HP-352 Police Protection

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Description of "Police Protection":

Franchesca and Stacy have come up with a diabolical plan to steal the
gorgeous and sexy super model Hollywood's latest earnings from a just
completed Photo shoot. Their plan includes posing as Police Officers doing
a neighborhood house by house inspection to offer security tips and a
drugged water bottle for backup. Of course the "uniforms" they chose are
sexy variations of regulation outfits. After a short discussion, Franchesca
knocks on the front door while Stacy hides. At first the crook's plan works
perfectly. Hollywood shows Franchesca where she keeps her valuables and
then Fran knocks Hollywood out. She even spends some time comparing her
sexy body with the super models. But when Fran tries to leave, Hollywood
wakes up and grabs her. Fortunately for Fran, Stacy enters the room and
knocks Hollywood out. The two crooks grab the money, figure it is not all
of it and decide to start searching the living room for more. At this point
Hollywood revives, grabs the gun she keeps handy for her protection, and
catches the crooks by surprise. After calling the real Police, she
unfortunately drinks the tainted water (remember the crooks' backup plan?)
and passes out. Stacy and Fran quickly disarm her, even removing her pants,
leaving her tied up and defenseless as they continue their search. But the
beautiful Hollywood squirms out of the ropes and even manages to catch
Stacy by herself knocking her out. Unfortunately, Fran finds Hollywood
before she can tie Stacy up and they struggle. Eventually Stacy joins in
the fun and Hollywood is beaten again and tied to a chair. Fran leaves
Stacy to watch the sexy super model as she searches for more loot. But the
wily Hollywood tricks Stacy into untying her and then easily knocks her
out. Will Fran return in time to save Stacy? Will Hollywood be able to tie
Stacy up before she has to deal with Fran? And even if the crooks manage to
beat Hollywood, will they stay "friends" long enough to escape with the
cash? Or will money sever their "bonds"?



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