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HP-630 The Annihilation of Hollywood a.k.a. Wonder Womyn




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TITLE: The Annihilation of Hollywood Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 11 MINUTES

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Description of HP-630:

This video starts with Holly in the ring stretching, A man (played by Darrius)  comes running in and says quick Someone needs help in the parking lot,  you need to tell wonder woman, Hollywood turns around to turn into the Superheroine but the evil Darrius goes for a huge blow to her back!  she goes down, He stomps her stomach and face punches her . He picks her up in a full Nelson and then throws her over his knee for a back breaker And delivers several punches to her middle, He then stomps her ankle so she can't walk. He puts her in a camel clutch To wrench her back. He punches her several times in the face and her tight abs and when she is knocked out he wakes her back up and stomps on her ankle and wrists... She asks for mercy but then gets face punched again...more stomach punches are applied. Holly never has a chance to turn into Wonder Womyn,  she asks" I'll pay you double whatever they are paying you." Darrius goes for another face punch and Holly is down ...If your into one sided beat downs then you'll love this video! 
Hollywood was recently added as #2 on the list of Top 10 Mixed Wrestling women Jobbers According to www.womendefeated.com


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