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HP-530 School Girl Bounty Hunter




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TITLE: School Girl Bounty Hunter Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-530:

This video clip is another in Hollywood's "Shoot'em Up" shootout series. It starts out with our favorite girl, once again dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, that is , a short plaid skirt, jacket and bikini top with shiny red boots and her gun, entering the living room. She is searching for a known killer with a bounty on his head, however no one appears to be home. She finds an envelope but it is empty. When she starts to look down the hallway, a shot rings out and she falls back on a coffee table with her gun still in it's holster. When she gets up she hears a few faint gun shots. She pulls out her pistol and carefully heads toward the sound of the shots. She walks down the hallway, through the bedroom and kitchen and out into the back yard. All the time keeping the gun held high, looking hot as always. Once in the back yard she confronts the gun man. Pointing the gun at the camera, she demands that the gun man (camera man) put down his gun and come with her. However, the gun man has other ideas. Hollywood gets a surprised look on her face as the gun man walks toward her and then shoots her. On her back on the ground she goes. Now she is at the mercy of the killer. When she awakes the killer has removed her gun and placed it in the middle of the yard. He teases her like this over and over again. Every time she gets tantalizingly close to the gun, he shoots her then moves the gun further away again. One time she awakes and finds herself sitting in a chair, her gun in her holster. As she staggers to her feet, she tells the killer he has made a huge mistake. But before she can draw her gun, the killer shoots her again. Next she finds herself sitting on the ground leaning against the back of the garage without her gun. When she tries to leave and goes to get her gun, she gets shot again. This video clip ends with a violent gun battle between the super hot schoolgirl and a known killer. Many shots are fired but who will win? Either way, Hollywood makes the perfect little "Schoolgirl". What makes this video clip different is it was shot outside on a hot sunny day. Hollywood never looked sexier than when she is lying on her back on the ground, her taunt stomach glistening in the sun light!!! Little beads of sweat testifying to the desperate life and death struggle this gorgeous girl is involved in!! One more plus, the camera man does a great job of zooming in on Hollywood's tight buns as she bends over in the short skirt searching for the gun!!!


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