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HP-064 School Girl's Revenge


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Description of School Girl's Revenge:

The lovely Holly has been held over after class, and her mean professor has her writing "I'm a Bad Girl" 1,000 times on the chalk board.

Looking ever so lovely in her school girl outfit, and even cuter as she pouts for being in trouble. She really gets in trouble when she begins writing how she hates her professor instead!

The professor has had enough of her antics, and goes on to slap her hands with a ruler. It becomes evident that the professor is enjoying his mistreating of Holly, as he really begins to punish her. He ignores Holly's pouting and crying, and ties her to her chair.

The professor begins to torture Holly while she's tied up. Even tickling her feet with a feather.

He goes to far though, when he tries to undress the bound to the chair, Holly. Holly breaks free, and her REVENGE is under way! There's nothing meaner than a school girl hell bent of revenge for someone abusing them!

Holly takes the professor to school now, and teaches him a wrestling lesson at a masters degree level! Ever seen a crotch claw done on a guy???? WOW, you will in this one, OUCH!!!

The professor takes a ton of abuse, but isn't a total wimp. He at times gets things going in his favor, but can he keep up with this school girl on mission to destroy him? 

This one will have you cheering for the lovely Holly throughout the battle, as you'll want to see her destroy this jerk, and humiliate him!

Humiliate she does too, as she turns the tide, and takes his clothes off of him, like he tried doing to her. From there she mocks his choice of underwear, and then begins to pummel him!

That's only the beginning though, as this school girl is far from finished with her humiliations of her professor!


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