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HP-567 Rounding Up The Gang



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TITLE: Rounding Up The Gang Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-567:

Hollywood is out to arrest an all girl gang that has just committed several robberies. All the girls look gorgeous in tiny bikini tops and blue jeans. Randy M starts out in a white shirt and sexy blue jean shorts. All the girls look super hot with gun holsters hanging tantalizingly low on shapely hips!!! The three crooks (Randy M, Kristiana and Lightning) are bragging about their latest exploits and how to spend the loot. Randy excuses herself thus leaving just two crooks talking. Hollywood sneaks up on them and demands that they drop their guns. She then lines them up against a wall as she frisks them. Unfortunately for her, Randy returns and clobbers her, knocking her out. As the girls retrieve their guns, Randy heads into the house to get a rope to tie up the helpless Sheriff. But when Kristiana and Lightning go back to jabbering, Hollywood comes to and follows Randy into the house. She surprises Randy and after a brief fight, knocks her out on the sofa. After taking off Randy's shirt, gun belt and shorts, and spending a little time admiring her opponent's tight abs, Hollywood returns to arrest Kristiana and Lightning. This time, as she tries to usher them out of the back yard, they maneuver her into a position where they can knock the gun out of her hands. Hollywood manages to get in a punch before they both attack her. When Randy joins the fun Hollywood doesn't stand a chance. Hollywood really takes a beating. She is left writhing on the ground, finally getting KO'd. While Randy jumps on Kristiana and Lightning for letting Hollywood get away earlier, Hollywood starts to stir and moan and even gets to her feet. She even manages to get in a punch, but with it being three on one, she is quickly rendered helpless. Then it turns into just a beating. Every time Hollywood drops to the ground, the girls pick her up and continue torturing her fabulous body. They use body punches, rights and lefts to her beautiful face and knees to her stomach. Several more times she is triple teamed, All she can do is stagger between punches, taking quite a beating before, once, again getting KO'd. This time the crooks carry the totally beaten Sheriff into the house and hog tie her. This time the crooks are sure Hollywood is done for good. But once again she refuses to give up and returns with her gun to the back yard. Of what happens next I can only tell you this much (I don't want to spoil the ending), just one girl survives the ensuing gun battle. The rest are left eating dust, writhing in pain on the ground. The winner leaves the losers in a pile, still holding their weapons in their now cold hands. This is a terrific video if you like girls in good old western gun fights, back yard brawls and 3 on 1 beat downs. Hollywood sure looks super hot taking punch after punch. This is one video you got to see to believe!!! And speaking of hot, you should see our favorite cowgirl helplessly hog tied on her back.


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