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HP-237 The Trap III



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Description of The Trap III "Ambushed!":

This custom tape is the 3rd tape in the TRAP series.

The tape opens with Holly as the Golden Avenger in her dressing room getting ready to go out to the ring and put her championship belt on the line in a 2 vs. 1 handicap championship match against Lisa & Fran. Holly tries to call her friend, “The Mighty Casey”, whom is supposed to watch her back at ring side, but can’t seem to get in touch with her.  Holly does not know that earlier in the day, Fran had tricked Casey and brutally beat her in the ring, leaving her knocked out and unable to come to Holly’s aid (See Trap II - “Eliminate the Mighty Casey!” video).

But that is not enough of a “winning edge” for Lisa!  She and Fran burst into an unsuspecting Holly’s dressing room and proceed to beat Holly’s magnificent body to a pulp, ensuring that Holly won’t be in “prime shape” for the upcoming match! They double team Holly, and take turns slugging away at her head and belly. Then they pin her to the wall, and together they work her over,draining away her strength, and repeatedly pound on her .

Holly falls to the floor, and they continue to stomp and pound on her. They then lay Holly on a table, like a human sacrifice, and pound away on her battered body with hammer blow after hammer blow!  They take special delight in torturing her already beaten belly, pushing Holly to the edge of passing out.  But that is not good enough for Lisa!

They place a weakened and battered Holly in a chair and Lisa proceeds to slug away,showing Fran the Golden Avenger's secret weakness.
They finish off Holly with numerous karate blows to Holly’s prone body until she can take no more and passes out.

Lisa and Fran leave the beaten champion in her dressing room and make their way to the ring.
Will Holly recover in time to get to the ring for the championship match?  How can she hope to defeat these two evil women right after this terrible beating?
Stay tuned for the “The Trap VI – End of a Champion”


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