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HP-279 Fear...Not!

Hollywood vs Lisa


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Description of Fear...Not!

 Lisa is pacing and impatient as she waits for Hollywood to show up for a match. She mumbles to herself that Hollywood is scared, and that explains the fact that she is late. Hollywood, looking hot as ever, shows up and overhears the comments and is willing to prove to Lisa that she has absolutely no fear of the irritated vixen. Tempers, egos, and gorgeous women clash as the two babes set out to prove themselves.
The sexy pair start off the match in a finger lock and begin exchanging kicks to the body when Lisa delivers a low blow as she immediately starts to fight dirty, which becomes a recurring theme to her strategy for the match. The battle rages back and forth with Hollywood using wrestling holds and Lisa countering with hair pulling and other underhanded techniques which she delivers to vulnerable areas of Hollywood's tanned and toned voluptuous body. As this continues, Hollywood finally has had enough and begins to mix in some of her own bad girl wrestling techniques.
Lisa continues to resort to brawling as she mercilessly chokes Hollywood and pounds away at her taunt abs. Hollywood breaks free, but a vicious kick sends her to the canvas. Lisa traps Hollywood in a triangle choke and continues to hammer away at her belly as Hollywood pleads for mercy. As we all know, Hollywood has some tricks of her own, and she gets an opening and turns the tables to return the favor. An even battle continues as the vixens apply painful holds to one another as gorgeous bodies are stretched, twisted, and pummeled in order to gain victory. Ultimately, it becomes obvious that both of the girls want not only victory, but to totally dominate their opponent.
As they tire, desperation becomes apparent as they begin to use any and all techniques available. At one point, Lisa produces a knife, but the street smart Hollywood is able to neutralize the deadly weapon. A turning point occurs as Hollywood now becomes furious and takes control, as her anger is reflected in her technique. Lisa suffers as she takes her own medicine when Hollywood delivers vicious groin kicks, and delights as Lisa writhes in pain doubled over on the mat. Hollywood continues her onslaught as she chokes and batters Lisa repeatedly. Concentrated attacks to tender areas leave Lisa moaning and groaning as Hollywood employs claws, chokes, leg locks, and other brutality.
The dark side of Hollywood comes out as Lisa cries out and her screams for mercy are answered with a demonstration of Hollywood's superior grappling skills. Bad girl that she may be at times, Hollywood continues to blend in choking and low blows with her wrestling holds, as she works over a completely defenseless Lisa. With Lisa now battered and senseless, Hollywood lifts her into the air with a tight bear hug and squeezes Lisa like a rag doll, finally dropping her to the mat, limp and lifeless. A k.o.'ed Lisa then serves as a footrest as Hollywood assumes a victory pose and proudly displays her championship belt, showing absolutely no fear of her completely helpless and dominated opponent!




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