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TITLE: Anything for Revenge Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Revenge Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Revenge Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Revenge Complete COST: $31 ~ 31 MINUTES




Description of HP-912:

Hollywood is now twenty hours into a series of brutal gang beatings “for charity” that started with HP-848. For the three hours prior to the start of this video, she was destroyed by a group of NFL players and their coaches. The special serum she received from Dr. Slade in HP-905 allowed her to survive that incredible punishment, and as this video starts, Darrius, Duncan and Jennifer Thomas are using tasers all over her body to activate the serum again. They decide that Holly has probably taken all that she can take, and they should not accept any more appointments (or charitable donations) to beat her up. The serum revives Holly once again, and she has crawled to the side of the ring, when Ariel X enters. Ariel is one of a group of wives and girlfriends of the football players, and they are pissed that their men were so excited by beating up a nearly-naked Holly. She starts to dish out some punishment of her own, when the other three return to stop her. Ariel lets them know that the ladies are willing to pay a huge sum of their husbands’ money to have their own two-hour session with Holly to get some revenge on the tortured temptress, but they want to make sure she can feel it and not just be an unconscious ragdoll. The thought of getting all that cash makes the other three forget any ideas that Holly has reached her limits of endurance, and they eagerly agree to help Ariel conduct a test beating to prove that Holly will suffer enough in an actual beating by the wives.

Ariel gives Holly a special stimulant to help keep her conscious and then asks the other three to show her how to dish out the best beating to Holly. Holly is held in a corner and tuned up with some punches to the face and stomach and then some serious abuse to her crotch. They toss Holly into the center of the ring and take turns putting her into a series of muscle- and joint-popping holds (such as an over-the-knee backbreaker, a double Boston crab and a particularly brutal matchbook pin) that stretch Holly’s beaten body to the limit while the others viciously assault her vulnerable areas with blows and clubs. The drag her over to the side of the ring and dangle her head off the side to be pounded by attackers on the floor while others demolish her body in the ring.

They pile on some foot torture, another couple of severe belly beatings and a brutal attack on Holly’s back and kidneys before Ariel decides that she has seen enough and calls in her crew to begin the real gang beating. As they wait, Ariel asks the other three to make sure Holly is kept very uncomfortable, and they place her in a very painful and precarious position to enjoy some more suffering before the team of revenge-minded NFL wives arrives to put her through another meat grinder.

This is another great installment in the “Anything for…” series. Jennifer, Darius and Duncan continue to brutally assist their customers in decimating Holly’s perfect body. Each part is more extreme than the last, and it is clear that Holly is not to the end of her very long day of destruction quite yet. Stay tuned for further continuations…




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