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HP-529 Dinner For Two

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Description of HP-529 Dinner For Two:

Hollywood is laying on the couch in agony with a bandage around her wrist
and ankle (sprained from their last fight)
Christina walks in and Hollywood mentions there’s no food in the kitchen
‘…and there’s a shopping list on the table’ Hollywood adds
Hollywood sends Christina out to do the shopping…
Christina walks in with the shopping - but she is stunned to find the poorly
Hollywood exercising in the middle of the room! – star-jumps, push-ups,
weights, etc…! ‘Feeling better now?’ Christina sneers
‘I guess it was just cramp’! Hollywood replies
Hollywood takes a look in one of the bags (Christina has bought the wrong
shopping – picked up the wrong shopping list!!!)
Hollywood freaks out!!!
Hollywood turns the bag upside down and throws the shopping all over the
floor! - ‘Where’s the onions?’, ‘What about the sushi?, - Hollywood then
complains that there’s no food for their dinner
Hollywood demands Christina pick it all up and take it all back to the store!
A pissed-off Hollywood resumes her exercising as Christina starts picking the
shopping off the floor
Suddenly Hollywood walks back over and picks up a bag of potato chips ‘You
forgot one bitch!’ and throws it in Christina’s face!
An argument ensues and they square up nose to nose
A huge CATFIGHT ensues, punches, kicks , pulling hair, these two go it.
Next scene
After their earlier tussle, the pair have decided to eat out instead…
Hollywood is sitting back on the couch in a sexy new dress getting ready to
go out to dinner (checking her hair and makeup). As she does so, she starts
mumbling to herself about her favorite restaurant that she would like to go
Suddenly Christina walks in, also in a new dress and starts parading around
in front of Hollywood to show off her new clothes
Soon the pair start arguing over who has the best dress…
Things get even more tense when Christina mentions that she’s booked a
table at ‘her’ favorite restaurant instead!
After more squabbling, they decide to settle things once and for all.
They strip off their new dresses and square up in a tense stare-down.
Soon they begin circling each other ready to pounce…
A second CATFIGHT starts
Hollywood soon vents her anger at not getting her way, and later gives
Christina a reminder of who’s the boss – sending a devastating punch to
Christina’s face sending her crashing to the floor, knocking her out cold!
Hollywood stands over poor Christina, insisting she’s now going to go to her
favorite restaurant - by herself!
watch these two hotties go at it back and forth and see which one gets to go to
her favorite restaurant.

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