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HP-277 Hollywood vs Tasha


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Description of Hollywood vs Tasha:

Bikinied and hot-bodied Tasha awaits her challenge match with Hollywood. Tasha has tainted a bottle of water in order to give herself an unfair advantage. When Hollywood appears looking unbelieveably sexy in her black bra, panties, & stockings, Tasha is eager to begin as she comments on how hot Hollywood is.

Tasha makes a serious mistake of think-ing Hollywood is a pushover. Holly slams a fist into Tasha's belly, throws her to the ground, and the beatdown is on. Tasha gets stretched, punched and kicked as Hollywood applies scizzors, full nelsons, and choking techniques as she works the surprised babe's voluptuous body over. Hollywood enjoys herself as Tasha whimpers and cries out for mercy, which Hollywood finally grants her as they take a water break. Tasha delights as she knows Hollywood is soon to fall.

Hollywood continues her vicious attack as she uses punches, chokes, stomps and other hard core moves. She jerks Tasha to her feet by the hair, lifts her high into the air, and then slams her over her knee into a backbreaker. Hollywood works over Tasha's outstretched belly, then dumps her to the floor as something appears to be wrong. Hollywood is running out of gas! As she takes another sip of water, Tasha jumps at the chance to turn the tide as she throws Hollywood to the floor and pounds away at her sculpted belly.

Now it is Hollywood that pleads for mercy as Tasha uses her own strikes, chokes, and underhanded tactics. Hollywood tries to get more water, and of course Tasha willingly lets her. Tasha continues pounding and stretching her foe's gorgeous body. Forcefully Tasha lifts Holly to her shoulder, spins her about, then slams her to the ground. Hollywood begs for mercy and also begins to mutter she suspects foul play. Tasha does more lift and carry as she jumps up and down to drive her shoulder into Hollywood's battered mid-section. Ultimately, Tasha takes a seat and throws Hollywood over her knee. Holly's perfectly shaped caboose now becomes the victim of Tasha's delightful spanking as she gloats over the dominance of her gorgeous victim. Tasha also explains to a flailing Hollywood that she did indeed cheat. BAD MOVE!

Hollywood's rapid metabolism has now cleared the cheatful sedative and she comes back with a fury!!! Tasha is now on the receiving end of the deal as Hollywood uses chokes, forearm smashes, stomps, bearhugs, smothering, and other dirty tactics in her arsenal of weapons to completely destroy Tasha, leaving no part of her sexy body unscathed.

Always being one to return a favor, Hollywood puts Tasha in some wicked armbars to elicit some begging from a now reeling victim. Hollywood then performs some lift and carry of her own, and being such a good friend, she throws Tasha over her knee to discuss her wrongdoings all while delivering a reddening to Tasha's behind as a keepsake reminder that "cheaters never prosper". Will Tasha remember this for their next match?

Get this hot match with two gorgeous women as they struggle to assume the role of heel and destroy their hapless opponent!





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