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HP-683 The Adventures of Blue Jean Babe



TITLE: The Adventures of Blue Jean Babe Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-683:

This is another one of Hollywood's "Shoot'em up" series. This time our favorite gal is looking fantastic wearing tight cutoff blue jean shorts, black boots, a short blue top (showing off her terrific abs) and a gun belt. She enters  a railroad right of way and, with gun held high, starts walking down the tracks. It doesn't take long, until a shot rings out and down she goes, lying provocatively across the shiny steel rail. This happens six different times, each time she is shot, she lies in a different sexy pose on top of or next to the rails. A little later she finally gets off the tracks and heads down a lane toward a lake. But of course, she doesn't get far when she is gunned down across some rocks. Still determined, she gets up and heads down the lane. After several more shoot outs, she still hasn't made the lake. Finally, Hollywood takes four shots to the body and down she goes. For the final time she reaches for the gun, but a shot rings out and all is quiet. She never made her goal. But Hollywood never looked hotter than with the gun held high, walking down the tracks, a confident look on a gorgeous face.


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