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HP-633 "Do What I Say!" POV



TITLE: "Do What I Say!" POV Complete COST: 10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-633:

Fans of POV will love this video!!! Hollywood enters the room dressed to kill in a short skirt, sexy blouse, and stiletto heels. Imagine your name is Branden, and you are in TROUBLE! Hollywood is pissed, and she plans on teaching you a lesson! Hollywood proceeds to force you to worship her sexy feet. She teases you with them and makes you suck on her toes, demanding you do it exactly as instructed. But when you disappoint her, she punishes you with kicks & punches! Fortunately, she gives you another try. However, failure to do a good job soon gets you facesmothered by Hollywood's perfect ass. But she is forgiving, and allows you to further worship her feet. You must proceed with caution, as we all know that hottie Hollywood can get quite an attitude, and she will take great pleasure focusing her anger on your imPOVerished self!!!


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