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HP-487 Dark Angel: Foiled Again

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Description of HP-487 Dark Angel: Foiled Again:

Dark Angel (Hollywood, looking super hot in her iron cross bikini top, arm warmers and tight shiny black pants) enters a house looking to steal a stack of cash. As she searches the living room, the Sheriff (Francesca, wearing tight blue jeans, a white bikini top and a gun belt) enters with her gun drawn, sneaking up on Dark Angel. She sticks her gun in Dark Angels back demanding that she raise her hands. As the Sheriff reaches for the cash, Dark Angel knocks the gun out of her hand and the fight is on! At first they trade body punches. When Dark Angel places the Sheriff in a leg scissors, the Sheriff turns it into a torturing Boston crab. After more leg scissors, body punches and arm bars, Dark Angel places her leg scissors around the Sheriff's neck. But the Sheriff gets out of it. With a return leg scissors around Dark Angel's neck and a few well placed body punches, The Sheriff knocks out the gorgeous would be thief. When the Sheriff grabs a rope and tries to tie Dark Angel up, Dark Angel regains her senses and the fight is back on. Once again the two beautiful combatants trade body punches, leg scissors and choke holds. Dark Angel slams the Sheriff into the wall and the Sheriff places Dark Angel into a camel clutch then bangs her head into the floor. Dark Angel manages to place the Sheriff in a choke hold and sends her into dream land. But when Dark Angel tries to tie the Sheriff up, the Sheriff slams Dark Angel in the back and once again, the fight resumes. Two evenly matched opponents with terrific looking bodies fighting for supremacy. They both are great fighters applying many holds on each other. Punches are made and to very private parts. More body pummeling, heads are slammed into walls, figure four leg holds are exchanged and both opponents use the rope for choking. Perfect bodies are stretched beyond belief. There are more knockouts until one combatant is out for good. Finally, the rope is used to tie the loser up. But which one is it? The hot Sheriff or the gorgeous thief? Fran and Hollywood look super hot applying expert holds on each other. They also work well together. The jawing back and forth is worth the price of the video. It turns out that Dark Angel is a former law officer and tries to convince the Sheriff to join her on the "Dark Side".

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