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HP-355 Hollywood's KO Revenge


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Description of Hollywood's KO Revenge:

When they last met, Hollywood was a little off her game and paid the price heavily as Robin KOed her repeatedly. Little mercy was shown, and Hollywood suffered quite the loss at the hands of her skilled opponent. However, things would be different this time as Hollywood shows up in full force with one thing on her mind: Revenge!!!

And revenge it would be, as Hollywood works over poor Robin in this one sided beatdown! Robin struggles fiercely to escape her rivals clutches, but Hollywood is the merciless one this time as she punishes Robin with camel cltches, foot chokes, punches, sleepers and a variety of other weapons in her arsenal.

In spite of Robin's pleading, Hollywood is relentless and Robin is repeated left sprawled unconscious on the mat. And to mark her victory and preserve her bad girl status, Hollywood forces poor Robin to smell her well worn sneaker, prior to putting her out for the count once and for all to end the match.



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