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HP-547 Belly Punch Contest



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TITLE: Belly Punch Contest Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 9 Minutes

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Description of HP-547:

Sexy Randy Moore is dressed in a light green string bikini and her HOTNESS Hollywood is dressed in a black one, and they are at it again! We see them both
exercising and doing some stretching. Both are admiring each other's tight bellys. You can feel the temperature rise in the room as these two ladies flex, stretch, and loosen up with their fantastically sculplted abs, tantalizing their attentive observers.They decide to have a belly punching contest to see who's belly can take the most punishment in the form of hard punches.. They decide to take turns belly punching one another other. At first its fun. But you can see the intensity begin to increase, as each of these ladies would secretly like to pummel the other into submission. Then, they both get down in a kneeling position and start the punching again, but this time the blows are getting harder, and more vicious! Randy is beginning to suffer from Hollywood's sharp blows, so she grabs Hollywood from behind, trapping her in a headlock, and begins to hammer away at Hollywood's ripped abdominal muscles. Hollywood survives the barrage of blows, then returns the favor and gets up and decides to pull a fast dirty trick as she slams a hard kick into Randy's inviting abs. The battle continues as they put each other in Leg locks, school boy pins, and over the knee backbreakers, all while punching the hell out of each others tight abs and making their victim suffer!!! Watch this fantastically hot vid to see which hot female can withstand more abuse and reign triumphant in The Belly Contest!


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