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hhhhHP-777 Cheryl vs Hollywood



TITLE: Cheryl vs Hollywood Complete COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-777:

This is 3 rounds of Boxing, Cheryl starts out with the red top and black shorts and red boots, getting her wrists wrapped
by the referee. Hollywood is next, wearing a pink top, black shorts, white boots. They both have their mouth guards in and  they are ready to go!
Hollywood says 3 rounds 3 min each!
Round 1 Bell rings, the 2 go back in forth , Hollywood goes down but thats after the bell has rung.
Round 2 Bell rings, Hollywood takes the upper hand, Cheryl goes down Twice.
Round 3 !! What are you waiting for? Get this Hot boxing Match to see who the champ really is!!



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