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hhhhHP-819 Kidanpped Part 3: Holly's Feet




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TITLE: Kidnapped Part 3: Holly's Feet Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: Kidnapped Part 3: Holly's Feet Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: Kidnapped Part 3: Holly's Feet Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 12:13 MINUTES

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Description of HP-819:

The off screen captor orders Hollywood into the room.  She enters wearing a sexy USA bikini and starts off very confrontational with the villain.  She demands to know information about why she was kidnapped and how he is being paid, etc.  She then asks if she will get any of the money that is promised to him for getting his brothers out of jail.  He replies that he will "think about it" but she most "behave" and do what he says.  Our poor defenseless heroine begins rubbing her feet, but asks to be shown how the internet buyer wants her to rub her feet.  The evil man shows her what to do and she complies to his wishes.  The beaten champion continues to rub her feet and follow the orders of the mysterious man while he receives feedback from the unknown buyer who is watching via live stream.  Besides rubbing her feet, Hollywood puts on socks and boots and takes them off SLOWLY, she does calf raises with both feet and then one foot at a time while showing her other foot to the camera and much, much more!  And there is even a special surprise ending that leaves you wanting more...  If you are a fan of Hollywood's feet, this video is for you!   




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