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HP-473 Hollywood vs Alyssa Part V

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Description of Hollywood vs Alyssa Part V:

This video is a ring match between Alyssa (wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit) and Hollywood (wearing a black bikini top and shorts with white lace- quite a HOT outfit). Hollywood challenges Alyssa to a multi fall match, confident that she can easily beat the younger girl. They start out with a test of strength. After parading around the ring, Hollywood gets tired and kicks the unsuspecting Alyssa, sending her out of the ring. She then dominates her and knocks her out with a right cross punch to the jaw. After KOing Alyssa so quickly, Hollywood thinks this will be an easy match. Hollywood continues to bad mouth Alyssa as she struts around the ring. Alyssa wakes up and is able to sneak up on the overconfident (but super hot) Hollywood, pushing her into the ropes. Then Alyssa overwhelms Hollywood with a flurry of punches and kicks to Hollywood's terrific abs. All Hollywood can manage is a few ineffective jabs. Eventually she places Hollywood's gorgeous body in a beak breaker over her knee choking her out. Alyssa then runs her boots over Hollywood's helpless body, trash talking the whole time. When Hollywood finally wakes up she continues calling Alyssa names (harlot, school girl whore, etc.) still confident of victory. But Alyssa continues her fierce attack by placing Hollywood in many holds (body scissors, surf board, face sitting). Finally she lays Hollywood's weakened body over the lower rope and chokes her out with her boot. Alyssa awakens the sleeping beauty with a foot to the stomach. Hollywood struggles to get up but every time she is on all fours, Alyssa sends her back to the mat with a viscous kick to the abdomen. After putting Hollywood in a sleeper hold, then sitting on her and punching her face until she draws blood, Alyssa places her strong legs around Hollywood's gorgeous neck until she passes out. At this point it looks hopeless for Hollywood. She is unconscious and bloody. Can she rally and beat the young upstart ? You know she will rally and continue the fight. But can she overcome the beating Alyssa has all ready inflicted? Either way, no one looks hotter taking a beating or giving one out then Hollywood!!!

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