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HP-235 "Crime Doesn't Pay"

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Description of "Crime Doesn't Pay":

The lovely Goldie has been hired to guard some very important papers. Being bored, she decides to work out. This video starts out with a sweaty Goldie, in a white bra and pair of tiny white shorts looking hot (and sweaty) doing sit ups. But Hollywood has other plans. She is a master thief out to steal the papers. She is well armed for the task at hand, with a knife in an arm band, a gun in her holster and a small gun in an leg holster. She looks terrific in a white bikini top and a black skirt with a slit all the way up her thigh showing off her gorgeous gams. When she tries to sneak up on Goldie, Goldie catches her and charges into her with her head. She knocks the gun out of Hollywood's hand. When she tries it again Hollywood knocks Goldie out. Hollywood ties the would be guard up and leaves the room to continue to look for the papers. Little does Hollywood know, the super heroine Miss USA girl is following her. Miss USA girl is played by the beautiful Coral wearing a tiny USA bikini, red boots and a cape. Miss USA enters the room and unties Goldie. She is unable to wake Goldie so she continues to search for Hollywood on her own. She finds Hollywood just as Hollywood finds the papers in a bedroom. She sneaks up behind Hollywood and knocks out the pretty thief. But she makes the mistake of looking at the papers to see what they are. This enables Hollywood to rally and attack the super heroine knocking her out. Hollywood is more bent on revenge then making a quick getaway with the loot. She wakes Coral up and proceeds to drag her through the house working her stomach over on the dining room table, eventually choking her out. Still not happy, Hollywood drags Coral outside and knocks her out with a punch to the head. Tired of playing with the unconscious super heroine, Hollywood drags her back into the house. While Hollywood finishes Coral off. Goldie wakes up and attacks the gorgeous thief. Now Hollywood is in for the fight of her life. Will she be able to fend off Goldie before Coral wakes up? Can Hollywood grab the papers and run before the police arrive? Of course Hollywood always looks great when she is giving a beat down (to Coral) and Coral never looked sexier then in her teeny tiny bikini!!!!



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