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Description of Tangled Web:

Oh what a tangled web we weave when there is only one webmaster and two demanding, loud, bikini clad goddesses. Wrestling legends Robin and Hollywood are taking in some sun and relaxing when whipping boy and harried webmaster makes an appearance. Both Robin and Hollywood need their websites updated ASAP and begin making demands. Those demands quickly escalate and overwhelm the webmaster who slumps to the ground. Robin and Hollywood both accuse the other of screwing things up and each demands satisfaction. But how do two bikini clad vixens settle their differences? Well, if its Hollywood and Robin there is only one way to do it, in the ring, and let the best woman win. Of course, each of them knows which one is going to be the best, but unfortunately one of them is going to be horribly wrong.

Robin is a vision in red, while Hollywood is in a purple bikini.They begin a battle of titans in the ring. From the start of the match there is constant action both in terms of holds, and in terms of insults. Both Robin and Hollywood are skilled mat wrestlers and that skill is prominently displayed in Tangled Web. Holds are exchanged and broken as each wrestler vies to put her opponent at a disadvantage and achieve total victory. Leg scissors, shots to the midsection, kicks to the body, Boston crabs, and grapevines are at the core of this fast and furious action. While most of the action occurs on the mat the rest of the ring is not neglected. The corners are used by both grapplers to achieve supremacy. While in the corners the most intense shots to the midsection occur, whether from kicks or punches. Time and again significant punishment is dished out.This match finally ends with one beauty going down for the count in a sleeper hold. But given the intensity of the match, just knocking her opponent out is not good enough for the winner. No,¦that is not enough punishment for the winner. The last five minutes of this tape are a shocking display of what happens to a loser when the winner decides to put the boot to them. Which one of these beauties of the ring must submit to the punishment of the other? Which legend would be willing to completely stomp a defenseless opponent into the mat? The only way to untangle this web of pain and misery is to buy the video!!!


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