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HP-657 Burning Rustlers! Hollywood vs Layla



TITLE: Burning Rustlers! Hollywood vs Layla Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES





Description of HP-657:

This is another shoot em up , fun gun video. We see Hollywood in a blue foil bikini with silver stars on it , stretching. She's checking her authentic black Gunbelt when all of a sudden Layla dressed in a similar bikini appears. Hollywood asks Layla to hand over her weapon, she complies and when Hollywood's back is turned she hits her over the head. Hollywood is Ko'd. Layla takes back her weapon from Holly's holster, but Hollywood wakes up and shoots Layla, Layla is down, but not out,  both her and Hollywood flight over her knife, Layla manages to stab holly in the stomach. These two will go back-and-forth, fighting, weapon to weapon ,shot after shot, stab after stab, until one woman remains standing!


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