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HP-260 The Intruder


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Description of The Intruder:

Hollywood plays an "Intruder" trying to steal some money
from a house. Franchesca plays a Sheriff guarding the money. Hollywood
looks super hot as the intruder in her low riding blue jeans, iron cross
bikini top and arm warmers. She is armed with a gun and holster. The video
begins with Hollywood trying to enter the house but finds all the doors and
windows locked. However she notices Franchesca sunning herself in the back
yard in a sexy white bikini. Hollywood sneaks up on the Sheriff and puts
her in a sleeper hold, knocking her out. She then grabs the keys to the
house and takes Franchesca's sheriff's badge for spite sarcastically
saying, "I make a much better Sheriff than you." Hollywood proceeds to take
the keys and enters the house, looking super hot with the gun belt riding
low on her hips, searching for the money. She finds it in a bedroom dresser
drawer but its booby trapped with a knockout gas. Hollywood manages to grab
the money but falls back on the bed out cold. Meanwhile, Franchesca has
awakened from her forced nap. Seeing the keys gone, she puts on a short
white skirt (not much cover but looks great against her tanned skin) grabs
her knife and heads for the house. She finds the unconscious thief, grabs
her badge back, punches Hollywood a few times to make sure she is out, and
starts to tie her up. But before she can finish, there is a knock on the
front door. While she is gone, Hollywood stirs but weakly falls to the
floor. When Franchesca returns she lifts Hollywood back up on the bed but
decides to call the police before tying her up. While Franchesca is on the
phone in another room, Hollywood wakes up. She grabs the rope and heads to
the sound of the voice. She catches Franchesca by surprise strangling her
out with the rope. Franchesca falls to the floor. But while tying her up,
Hollywood passes out from the effects of the gas and falls across
Franchesca. What a pile of bodies!!!!! Franchesca wakes up first pushing
Hollywood away . She drags Hollywood into the bedroom this time tying her
up. Franchesca feels Hollywood may not be totally out so she goes to get a
syringe with a knockout drug. But while Franchesca is gone, Hollywood wakes
up and squirms out of the rope. She hides behind the door, looking terrific
as she awaits Franchesca's return.  When Franchesca does return, Hollywood
slugs her from behind knocking her to the bed. But when Hollywood attempts
to finish Franchesca off with a punch, Franchesca stabs her with the
syringe. Hollywood struggles but the drug is too powerful and Franchesca
knocks her out on the floor. Franchesca heads for the phone to call the
police before she ties Hollywood up. But while she is gone, Hollywood
rallies and once again, finds Franchesca. With a few solid punches, she
send Franchesca sprawling out on the dining room table. But as our gorgeous
thief attempts to leave, the police finally arrive. Hollywood quickly
retreats back inside. She grabs Franchesca and makes her a hostage. Will
Hollywood's plan work? Will she get away with the cash? Or will Franchesca
figure out how  to get away from "The Intruder" and foil Hollywood's
escape? I can only say that this one has a surprise ending.



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