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HP-306 Backing The Loser




TITLE: Backing The Loser Complete Video COST: $29 ~ 29 MINUTES




Description of HP-306:

Shannan has set up a match between Kristiana (looking terrific in a short white skirt and bikini top) and Hollywood (wearing her famous Iron Cross black bikini top, arm warmers and black shorts which really accents her toned body and tan). Hollywood thinks this is just a "friendly" match but Shannan has bet heavily on Kristiana. The match is to be a best of five falls where the winner has to KO the loser. The match starts out with the girls trading body punches in the corners. But Hollywood quickly takes control of the match, throwing Kristiana in a corner, body punching her and is just starting to choke her out when Shannan enters the ring, clobbering Hollywood. Kristiana is able to put the stunned Hollywood in a sleeper hold and win the first fall. Hollywood slowly wakes up, unable to understand what happened. Hollywood quickly gains control of Kristiana in Round 2 using leg scissors, leg twists, and a headlock. After throwing Kristiana in the corner, she starts to punch her until Kristiana begins to slump down. Again Shannan grabs Hollywood, this time slamming her head into the turnbuckle. She awakens Kristiana and then Kristiana is able to choke Hollywood out, winning the second fall. Again Hollywood doesn't understand what happened. Round 3 starts with Hollywood quickly dominating Kristiana proving she is definitely the better wrestler. She uses several holds on her including a flip to the mat. Hollywood throws Kristiana into a corner and starts to choke her out again. Shannan cannot let this happen and places Hollywood in a full nelson. But when Kristiana attempts to punch Hollywood, she drops to the mat out cold. Hollywood turns on Shannan and finally understands why she can't win. She challenges Shannan to a match right then and now. Shannan accepts and the match goes back and forth. Finally Hollywood gets the upper hand as Kristiana comes around. What will Kristiana do to help her backer Shannan? This match is far from over and has a definite surprise ending. Will Hollywood end up overcoming her cheating opponents? Hollywood never looked hotter with her tan and great abs. Kristiana and Shannan are pretty hot looking themselves!!


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