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HP-610 The Hollywood Beatdown



TITLE: The Hollywood Beatdown Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES





Description of HP-610:

Hollywood dressed in a black string bikini walks in to the studio and sees Steve exercising in her space and using her workout time, she kicks him in the belly and demands he leave. Steve gets pissed off at this and a huge beat down ensues. Steve throws Hollywood in a sleeper hold first then goes for a choke hold scissor combination. He starts punching her stomach then pulls her hair hard. He hand smothers Hollywood so she can't talk much, but  Hollywood manages to say "Wait! Let's make a deal!" He then sucker punches her in the face and Hollywood goes down.. Hollywood wants to leave, but the evil Steve won't let her and he continues to pummel her stomach. He then puts Hollywood in a camel clutch and tries to break her back. Hollywood says she's sorry and pleads for him to let her go. Steve throws Hollywood in an over the shoulder carry.  More holds and stomach punches follow in this horrific beat down! If you're into hot mixed wrestling and one sided beat downs, this clip is for you!!!


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