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hhhhHP-066 Reunited: Hollywood & Godiva




TITLE: Reunited: Hollywood & Godiva Complete Video COST: $30 ~30 MINUTES




Description of HP-066:

Two bad girls of G.L.O.W. fame, meet up, and relive the days of old. The two G.L.O.W. heels go through videos from yesteryear. These two are having a blast laughing at all the chaos they caused way back when. Nothing like seeing two bad girls laughing at how they once tortured good girls.

Godiva decides to surprise her old partner in crime, by putting on her old costume (Her famous Garden of Eden outfit). After changing, Godiva has a little accident, as she trips over her can of hairspray, and is K.O.ed from the fall. When she awakes, she finds herself totally in character of the days of old. First thing she hears is the old announcers voice yelling her name, announcing her entrance to the ring. Hearing that, she goes right at Hollywood, and a wild battle takes off from there! Godiva tells Hollywood she was nothing more than a tag team wrestler, and can't compare to her individual talents. The Street Kid, isn't liking this attack, or Godiva's words, so she fights back with all her might. However a strong blow to the head renders Hollywood unconscious. This time it is Hollywood who wakes up, and hears her name announced for her entrance to the ring. That's all it takes to fire up the street kid. She finds herself dressed in one of her old outfits, and now goes at Godiva with a vengeance! A wild battle takes place now, as the old G.L.O.W. gals battle it out using every trick in the book on each other! This is a classic battle, with all sorts of Pro Style moves used! A must see for any fan of G.L.O.W., as two of it's superstars lock up in an epic battle !!

(PLEASE NOTE: Audio level fades in and out!)


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