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HP-538 Darrius vs Hollywood KO Match



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TITLE: Darrius vs Hollywood KO Match Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-538:

This video is an awesome KO challenge match which took place in a ring between Darrius, a skilled, large, and tough MMA fighter, and our gorgeous babe Hollywood! These two face off in the center of the ring and Hollywood exudes confidence, almost as nuch as her hot body exudes SEXY, as she lays down the law with a perturbed Darrius. Judging from the look on Darrius' face, he feels this is going to be a one-sided routing as he takes out Hollywood and enjoys working her bikini-clad body over.

The match starts with a fingerlock in the center of the ring as Hollywood goes right to it, never one to show fear of her larger opponent. Hollywood's taunt, outstretched hard-body looks fantastic as she certainly appears to have been training for this bout. Soon Darrius realizes he is in trouble, and his confidence appears to burst when Hollywood clamps a tight sleeperhold on, and Darrius is left KO'ed on the canvas.

Darrius is barely able to recover when Hollywood launches another assault as she forces Darrius into the ring corner and unleashes a barrage of punches. Darrius can only grimace as Hollywood buries her fists into him as she works over his midsection, then blasts him with devastating face punches. As Darrius faulters, Hollywood continues to gain confidence that this will be a substantial victory for her!

Unfortunately, victory can be short lived...

As a groggy Darrius readies for the next fall, Hollywood attempts a bum rush in order to head butt her victim, but Darrius counters with a vicious (and questionably legal) axe-handle strike to poor Hollywood's spinal cord, and she goes down writhing in pain. Darrius grabs a handful of Hollywood's beautiful locks and jerks her to her feet, then applies a brutal bearhug, squeezing Hollywood's tiny waist a belt notch or two. Then, after Hollywood is reduced to a limp ragdoll, Darrius lays into her with a KO face punch which sends her sprawling to the canvas. As our sexy fav lies helpless on the canvas, it becomes apparent this match is far from over for Hollywood.

Now it is Darrius that takes the advantage, and he is MAD!!! Hollywood gets throw into the corner and Darrius pummels her sculpted abs with repeated hard belly blows. Hollywood's sexy hard body gets worked over again and again as she struggles to survive as Darrius applies vicious body scissors, neck scissors, camel clutches, and even just plain hand choking as he decimates poor Hollywood. Darrius slams Hollywood over his knee into a back breaker, and while he radically bends her bruised spine, he grasps her exposed throat and chokes her into oblivion, dumped her limply onto the mat. But he isn't finished as he takes his time to continue the slaughter. Soon Hollywood is locked into an abstretch, and her hot body is punished mercilessly when suddenly Darrius slams a hammerfist into Hollywood's vulnerable belly. Hollywood is defenseless, and it's questionable as to how long she can hold up to this kind of brutal punishment.

Darrius simply doesn't let up and poor Hollywood is subjected to unbearable OTS backbreakers, surfboards, full nelsons, and other brutal holds in Darrius' arsenal. Hollywood finds herself countless times limp and lifeless, strewn on the canvas, only to be awoken and further punished. Fans of videos that like to see Hollywood on the receiving end will love this video! Not to mention, Hollywood looks AMAZING in it!!!


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