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hhhhHP-898 Think Twice Hollywood



TITLE: Think Twice Hollywood Part 1 COST: 7 TOKENS ~ 6.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Think Twice Hollywood Part 2 COST: 7 TOKENS ~ 6.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Think Twice Hollywood Complete COST: 13 TOKENS 12:31 MINUTES




Description of HP-898:

Hollywood enters the room tired after a long day. She is wearing a print top and black leather skirt. She complains about all the work she has to do but smiles when she takes about the money she receives. She is hit over the head and choked by Duncan who reveals that she has been embezzling money from the organization and they know about it! He then proceeds to try and beat the location of the money out of Hollywood. Hollywood is subjected to leg scissors, stomach punches, full nelsons, the rocking horse, and much, much more. Duncan strips Hollywood to her lingerie and continues the beat down! Does Hollywood break and give up the bank account information?




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